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Buy Morphy Richards Dry Iron Online at Best Price in India

Take the stress out of ironing

Morphy Richards dry irons take the stress out of an otherwise laborious process of ironing. Working at 1,000 watts, they heat up quickly and uniformly, reducing the warm-up time. Adopt a more efficient way of operating on maximum garment area by choosing a model with the largest soleplate in the market.

Adjust the temperature for any fabric

Morphy Richards dry irons come with an adjustable thermostatic control to suit garments of any fabric. Right from the very delicate to the most rugged. Once the temperature is set, the iron maintains it until you decide to change it.

Demolish unwanted creases, puckers and folds

Give your garments a stiff, flat, pressed look. Flatten out stubborn creases and wrinkles effortlessly. As the soleplate glides along them, even the most unruly fibers get tamed into alignment and the fabric smoothes out, looking pristine. Look your best every day.

Superior non-stick coating

Don’t worry about your garments sticking to your iron. As long as you use the correct temperature and use short, brisk strokes, your iron will glide along like a skier smoothly sliding down an ice slope. These dry irons come with soleplates that are treated with special non-stick coating for smooth operation, and can easily be cleaned.

360o swivel cord

Your Morphy Richards dry irons come with a 360o swivel cord which allows for a free range of movement and usage with either hand without it coming in the way.

Ergonomic design

These dry irons have an ergonomic design for a comfortable and firm grip, allowing you to press down and drag with the required pressure. Use it on a daily basis without sweating it out or cringing at the thought of ironing a load of clothes.

A name synonymous with trust

Morphy Richards carries with it 80 years of unwavering trust reposed by millions of delighted customers across the world. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivalled in its category.