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Buy Morphy Richards Steam Iron Online at Best Price in India

Unleash the power of steam

Steam does a certain magic on garments that is unparalleled by traditional dry irons. A steam iron or steam press iron as it is popularly referred to, can flatten and iron out crinkles and creases faster and more efficiently as compared to a dry iron. If you find yourself labouring over your pile of garments with a dry iron, it’s time you unleash the power of steam.

Demolish creases, puckers and unwanted seam lines

When jets of steam shoot out of the steam holes of an iron, the heat and moisture quickly loosens the unruly fibers of the garment. Once the fibers relax, the heat and the pressure applied while ironing sets them in alignment. And voila! Creases vanished. This makes the task of ironing even more effortless.

A steam iron not just saves you labour but also produces superior results. Achieving a flat, tight finish and making garments look pristine. Use the turbo shot to pump more steam onto areas that need more smoothening. Or drizzle them with a fine water spray. Discover a unique anti-drip feature that prevents water leakage even if the iron is used before reaching the desired temperature.

Elevate your experience with vertical steaming

Technology never ceases to enthrall us. Welcome to the world of new-age steam irons that allow you to steam and freshen up hanging garments such as suits, jackets, curtains and blinds made of fabric without having to lay them out on your ironing stand. Pamper these garments with the hot mist emanated from the steam iron, making them all ready for you to carry them off with panache.

Celebrate life. Look immaculately dressed.

With steam ironing, your garments start looking just the way they do when they return from the laundry after a steam press. Achieve that same crisply ironed look every day, which may otherwise be reserved only for special occasions. Make each day appear to be a celebration.

A name synonymous with trust

Morphy Richards carries with it 80 years of unwavering trust reposed by millions of delighted customers across the world. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivalled in its category.