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Buy Morphy Richards Electric Tea Maker Online at Best Price in India

The choice of the ‘tea-ming’ millions

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea to awaken the senses, refresh the mood, stimulate the mind, and relax the spirit. It has been one of man’s primordial needs, which according to a legend, almost dates back to 2737 BC, when dried tea leaves were believed to have blown and landed by chance from a tree in close proximity into a cup of boiling hot water prepared for a Chinese emperor. Curious by the change in colour of the water, the emperor adventured to take a sip, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The golden-red elixir of life

Tea is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, and regarded by some as being the elixir of life. Tea drinkers in ancient China were adjudged as being sophisticated, and academically and culturally advanced. The dynamics of brewing tea is as complex as its flavours are. Right from the quality of tea leaves, and the type of water used, to the temperature of the brew, the steeping time and even the material of the kettle – all can either make or mar the end result. With so many variables playing a crucial role, it becomes rather convenient to get all this done in the Morphy Richards tea maker.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea

With the Morphy Richards tea maker, controlling the variables becomes so much easier. Besides, it is simple, convenient, quick, and non-messy, allowing you to prepare your favourite infusion right in the office pantry, next to your workstation, or even in your living room if you so choose. Its dual, flat concealed heating element allows tea, milk, sugar and the spices of your choice to be added in the jar of the tea maker, and makes the job of cleaning and descaling easier. It houses a Strix thermostat, imported from the United Kingdom for better temperature control. It offers 360ocordless operation, allowing you to detach the pirouette base with the cord from the jar and carry the jar around conveniently without lugging the power cord.

A name synonymous with trust

Morphy Richards carries with it 80 years of unwavering trust reposed by millions of delighted customers across the world. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivalled in its category.