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Buy Morphy Richards Pop-Up Toasters Online at Best Price in India

‘Good mornings’ begin with Morphy Richards Pop-up toasters

Breakfasts are incomplete without biting into a crisp golden toast that is slathered with butter or jam or both. As that satisfying noise of you biting into perfectly toasted bread makes you close your eyes with gratitude, find yourself transported to a breakfast table in the land of the British – the very homeland of Morphy Richards. Toasts lend themselves to a variety of breakfast options. Drizzle some honey over them, or add a dollop of orange marmalade, or slap on some mouth-watering spreads, or even use them as base for your favourite macerated fruits to make them completely irresistible.

What’s behind the art of browning

There’s more thought and intelligence than meets the eye in all of Morphy Richards automatic pop-up toasters. To begin with, each model is housed inside a special outer body that keeps it cool at all times, preventing your fingers from burning. The inside gets hot and harsh to give you that perfect crisp toast,. We know for a fact that  individuals even within the family have different preferences. That’s why all of our toasters come with a Variable Browning and a Cancel function. This gives you the absolute liberty to fulfil the whim and fancy of all your family members and their toasty preferences for achieving the perfect colour and crispiness. Its Hi-lift allows you to retrieve smaller slices easily without the need of dipping your fingers inside the high temperature slots. Cleaning your toaster and ridding it of the inevitable crumbs is easy with an removable crumb tray. A dust cover keeps it dust-free when not in use. We understand the need of optimizing space and our clever cord winder allows you to store away the cord while occupying minimum space. Morphy Richards bread toasters come with anti-skid feet for the appliance to stay firmly rooted in its place.

Defrost. Reheat. Smile.

Advanced functions include Defrosting and toasting in a single step, and Reheating unbuttered toasted slices without having to repeat the toasting cycle. Advanced models boast of having a bread-centering guide that holds the bread slices in the centre of the toasting slot to ensure uniform browning on both sides of the bread so that you don’t have to change sides, and the toasts are ready quicker.

A name synonymous with trust

Morphy Richards carries with it 80 years of unwavering trust reposed by millions of delighted customers across the world. Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivalled in its category.